Happy Christmas Ladies- no we’re not late!

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An Irish Tradition – Nollaig na mBan – Women’s Christmas

Travel Ireland Women's Christmas

Traditionally in Ireland, the 6th January was a day when the menfolk would pay homage to their better 90% for the work they had done to make Christmas a success for all. In acknowledgement and appreciation, traditional roles would be reversed. The ladies would leave the housework to the men and head off to visit friends and neighbours. Or, daringly, they might even invade the domain normally reserved for their menfolk – the pub!

This burst of housework would of course, leave the menfolk not only exhausted, but in total awe and astonishment at the day’s end. Left trying to figure out how the ladies managed this everyday. But then, that’s Irish women for ya (or maybe Irish men!!).

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Changing with the times in Ireland

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The tradition tended to die off towards the middle of the last century. Was it the invention of the vacuum cleaner – or ‘hoover’ as it’s ubiquitously called in Ireland? Or maybe it’s that modern Irishmen lean towards the notion that they do sooo much more around the house than their forefathers anyway. Whichever, it seems to be coming full circle again. In 21st century Ireland, rather than go to the neighbours, the good women of Ireland might indulge themselves by cashing in that gift card for the spa treatment. The men being left bewildered by the pure co-incidence of so many girl friends getting similar partial Christmas gifts.

Switch off in Ireland

So, from Anam Croí Ireland tours, a very Happy Nollaig na mBan to all women, wherever you are. But a couple of words of advice- firstly mind the weather out there. It was on this day in 1839 that the worst storm ever was recorded in Ireland. Known as Oíche na Gaoíthe Móire (the Night of the Big Wind), it’s said that the waves of the Atlantic were so high, they crashed above the mighty Cliffs of Moher.

You deserve a boutique Ireland Vacation

Also, we think you deserve far more than a spa treatment. In fact, you deserve a trip to Ireland for one of our great fully escorted tours. Just saying….

PS- you know that job(s) that he said he’d do (tomorrow) weeks ago? Don’t worry, he’ll do it. You really don’t need to remind him every three months😊☘️.

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