Six Reasons to Visit Ireland in 2022

Celebrate with a trip to Ireland in 2022

Looking for a reason to visit Ireland? Here are six – plus a quickie on early 20th century Irish History

1. It’s Ireland’s Centenary

Tour Ireland centenary celebration

Ireland celebrates a BIG birthday in 2022. It’s our centenary and we’ll be commemorating 100 years of independence, feting sovereignty that was achieved following more than seven centuries of British rule. Below we give you a (very) brief overview of the immediate prelude to that hard-won independence. Of course for the unabbreviated version, you’ll have to take an Ireland tour with us!

20th century Ireland in a Nutshell

Tour Ireland centenary celebration

The aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rebellion and the bloody War of Independence from 1919-1921 led to treaty negotiations, which the people of Ireland voted to accept. This saw six counties in the northeast remaining part of the United Kingdom.
Of course, there were many who chose not accept the treaty – citing that Britain had broken most treaties brokered over previous centuries. This in turn led to a short but horrific civil war which saw the family fabric of many households rent asunder.

You’re guaranteed to learn more about Ireland’s troubled history on an Anam Croí Ireland Tour. And if you’re interested in a movie that (we think) most closely reflects that early 20th century period in Ireland, try The Wind that Shakes the Barley (official trailer). On our 6 day Sojourn of Southwest Ireland tour, we travel through areas which gained notoriety from the time of Irish independence.

Thankfully, the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ of 1969-1998 are also behind us and Northern Ireland can now proudly showcase its beauty to the world. It is home not just to The Giant’s Causeway – one of just three UNESCO world heritage sites on the island of Ireland – but stunning coastline, the Titanic exhibition, Game of Thrones filming sites and one of the finest examples of a walled city in Europe. You can read more on our take on the creation of the Giants Causeway here. Or better still, come see it for yourself on our Northern Ireland and Best of the West 7 day tour.

2. Celebrate with a tour of Ireland

Special occasion Ireland trip

Sure, where better could you celebrate your special occasion than Ireland. Whether it be honeymoon, anniversary, special birthday, graduation or just life itself. No matter the occasion – we’ll give you a big Céad Míle Fáilte to make it a truly memorable experience.
And, if you are coming with family or friends, then why not take a look at our Private Tours.

3. Someday is NOW – for an Ireland Vacation

making Irish dance part of an Ireland vacation

It’s been a tough couple of years – which is why we say to you – ‘SOMEDAY’ is NOW! A few years ago the Irish tourism board conducted a survey to ascertain interest in, and intentions of, travelling to Ireland. Many responded that they would love to visit Ireland ‘Someday’. If there’s one major takeaway from the past two years, it’s that Someday is NOW. So come on, join us for a simply great tour of Ireland in 2022. Dust down that list of Irish sights (and sites) to see, and experiences that await.
Discover whether all Irish people have kissed the Blarney Stone or if we’re just naturally graced with ‘the gift of eloquent speech’. Expose yourself to the Irish credo that you don’t actually need dulcet tones to sing an Irish song. Meet the people of Ireland and have the ‘craic’. Check off your Ireland bucket list on our great fully guided tours of Ireland Southwest or Northern Ireland and Best of the west. If you’ve a group of family or friends you can always try one of our Private Ireland tours.

4. Ireland tour offers and flights to Ireland

Direct flights to Ireland from USA and Canada

We’ve some great offers for you – especially if you’ve been a frontline worker during the pandemic. Many airlines are also offering or about to offer reduced airfares to Ireland – especially for travel up to the end of May. Don’t forget our 10% reduction for March, April and October tours of Ireland.

You can fly direct to Ireland from these cities*: New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, LA, Dallas and Charlotte from the United States. From Canada you have the choice of Toronto, Calgary and Halifax

(*some are seasonal)

5. College football is back in Ireland

College football Ireland 2022

Yup, end of summer sees college football return to Dublin when the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on Northwestern Wildcats at the Aviva Stadium.
If you’re planning on coming over to Dublin for the game, why not make a holiday of it. Take an extended Ireland vacation on one of our great tours either the week before or after the big game. You can come over the weekend before and be back in Dublin for the Saturday game.

6. While we still have room for you in Ireland

Galway Ireland, home of the Claddagh ring

We’re joking. Of course we’ll always make room for you. The reason for our quip is that our most recent census figures revealed the population of Ireland has topped 5m for the first time since the Great Famine (An Gorta Mór) of the mid-19th century.
With Anam Croí Ireland tours you can experience an Ireland vacation even better than you imagined. Take a journey around Ireland away from the crowds. See the beauty of the Irish countryside, fill your lungs with fresh air. Surprise yourself with tasty and seasonal Irish food. Feel the heartbeat of our Celtic ancestors as you listen to Irish music, songs and poems. It’s all part of Irish heritage and culture, where you touch the very soul of Ireland.

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