Packing for Ireland

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Your Ireland vacation packing list – let us help – after all, we live here all year round

Your trip to Ireland is booked (hopefully with Anam Croí Ireland Tours). Now it’s time to test the attic or basement ladders, pick a case from your collection, and practice packing for Ireland.

But, before you make that ascent or descent, hang tough for a few minutes and read on, as we outline some suggestions on packing for Ireland. Use this article to reconcile your own list. You have made one, haven’t you?

Remember – it’s an Ireland vacation, you’ll be returning home, so the golden rule is don’t overdo it. Only take what you need for your time in Ireland. So let’s split it in two – your main luggage and your carry-on that’s going into the aircraft cabin with you.

Carry-on Luggage for your flight to Ireland

Your cabin bag should contain what you need to get you through a day or two in the event of your main bag going astray. So we suggest:

What to pack for travelling to Ireland

Toiletries – it’s personal to your own needs, but make sure you follow your airline’s advice to ease your passage through security. In addition to toothbrush and your normal washbag contents, consider adding these: Facecloth – if you use one. Irish hotels generally don’t provide them. Small pack of wet wipes (eco-friendly ones please). Lipbalm and suncream. Though your trip to Ireland may not align with our annual two-day heatwave, you can still get sun or wind burn- especially along the Wild Atlantic Way. Some insect repellent may also come in handy.
Medicines – if you’re on regular medication make sure you’ve enough for your trip. Apart from that, something for tummy upsets is always handy to have. We carry a first aid kit on our luxury Mercedes mini-coach, so don’t overdo it on plasters and such like.

Clothing – Just enough to get by for a couple of days. But if you forget, don’t despair. You can pop into Irish clothing store PENNEYS, where 50 bucks will outfit you top to toe for a couple of days (Ask any Irish person you know to explain this one😊).

Ireland Trip Essentials

Passport (check that it’s in date well in advance of your Ireland trip). Other travel documents, such as travel tickets, booking reference numbers, contact details for your tour/hotels, etc.

Adapter and charging cable for you phone or other device. In Ireland we use a three square-pin type. Btw, you don’t need to bring your hairdryer. All hotels used by Anam Croí Ireland Tours have them in bedrooms. In fact, we sometimes play a little game of hunt the hairdryer! We also have USB charge points on our mini-coach.
Emergency information – Set up ICE (In Case of Emergency) details and contacts on your phone. This willl also help reunite you with your phone should you lose it. Here’s a ‘how to’ for both Android and Iphone.

You probably don't need a visa for travel to Ireland but check your passport

How long is your Ireland trip?

Packing for travel to Ireland

Why do we ask? It’s simply to get you thinking – do you actually need to bring more than will fit into a carry-on? Again, it’s subjective and personal – you may be buying Irish gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). If so, you’ll need to leave enough room. Have you read your tour information? Is there a size restriction? Anam Croí Ireland tours, like most small-group tour operators, does have a maximum bag size (30″ long).

Clothing – In the main, casual smart is the dress code for dining out in Ireland. When you hear Irish people say we get four seasons in one day, we’re not joking (find out more here). You do need to pack accordingly.

Comfort is key

As we tour around the byways of Ireland, we’re hopping in and out of our luxury Mercedes mini-coach. Whether standing at the majestic Cliffs of Moher, strolling or taking a jaunting car through Killarney National Park, or simply taking a photo of some breathtaking views, comfort is the name of the game. This is key when it comes to your feet. We know how attached some can be to their footwear, and we’re not brave or foolish enough to dare suggest how many pairs to bring, but…….🤔
In Summer, some form of sturdy sandals may suffice, or trainers. Even if you do get wet, it won’t be too cold and they should dry out quickly.

Pants – In Ireland, a term to describe underclothing! Trousers, as we say here – along with boot (trunk), bonnet (hood) and more. Whatever the terminology, comfort again is key. Hiking style that can zip into shorts, or a light comfy dress. Synthetic materials work better than cotton. Cotton absorbs and holds moisture, no matter which of the two ‘p’s – (perspiration or precipitation) are the cause. In Spring or Fall tee or long sleeve base layer, and for summer, tees/polos. Denim jeans should really be kept for the visit to the pub in the evening.

Jacket – Simple rule – Waterproof – end of story! And if you travel with Anam Croí Tours – no need to bring an umbrella – we’ll supply that.

What clothing you should pack for your Ireland tour

Top tips for Ireland Trips

Essentials for packing for your Ireland vacation

If you’re using public transport to and from the airport or meeting point for your tour, you’re the one lugging the luggage. Also, no matter what sort of Ireland tour you’re doing, (unless porterage is specifically included ) you’re also toting your bag to and from your room. Of course, your Anam Croí Tour guide will always endeavour to assist with this when needed. Don’t forget to label it securely – if it goes a different direction to you – the more info on it, the easier it’ll be to get it back.
Emergencies: Ensure you’ve access to sufficient funds to cover delays or the unexpected. And please do take out suitable travel insurance.
Credit cards: Most outlets in Ireland do not accept American Express. Mastercard or Visa are your friends here.
Currency exchange: Shop around for the best rate. Don’t change at airport currency desks. Banks in Ireland no longer carry Foreign Exchange (unless you’ve an account with them). You should be able to use your ATM card (but check out what charges your bank may impose).

Accessories for Ireland Travel

Handbags/Manbags/Backpacks – whatever you are comfortable with. In our luxury Mercedes mini-coach, we do have overhead shelving – but it’s not airline overhead bin size. Many people also carry a journal. When you finally get around to sorting the hundreds of amazing Irish photos to a location or day, this will really help you remember.

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