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About us

Let’s start with the name – Anam Croí Tours – a combination of two Irish words – Anam (meaning soul) and Croí (heart).

When setting out our values and the ethos for AnamCroí Ireland Tours, we had one simple, underpinning philosophy – that we were going to put our heart and soul into bringing you the heart and soul of Ireland. Our name was the natural evolvement of that philosophy.

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This is also reflected in our logo, comprised of a heart surrounding a Celtic knot – its continuity of meaning carried forward through the centuries from our Celtic ancestors to today.

We are a small 100% Irish based, owned and operated company, who are passionate about bringing the best of Ireland to you through our small-group scheduled and private tours. With a maximum of 14 guests on our scheduled tours of 6 day Sojourn of South West Ireland or 7 day Northern Ireland and the Best of the West, our personal attention to detail is guaranteed. We also offer customised tours, on which we can take 16 people. Why not reach out to us to find out more


Some of the tributes recent customers have paid on TripAdvisor:

Six day or Seven day Ireland tours. Private Ireland tours

“When you choose to tour with Anam Croi you become part of a great adventure into Ireland’s history and culture….Larry is proactive and aims to make your travels the best experience possible.”

“You couldn’t ask for a better planner, driver, and guide than Larry. He incorporated our interests into a perfect, custom itinerary and took care of all the details for booking hotels, tickets, etc….To top it all off, he charges a very fair price. .”

“The amount of time, thought, and care that Larry puts into ensuring his customers have the best possible experience is unprecedented!…The entire experience was phenomenal..

Anam Croí Tours founder and owner, Larry previously spent eight years with Vagabond Tours of Ireland, five as general manager. He has vast experience in all aspects of small-group Ireland tours, including planning, guiding, customer service, supplier management, logistics and transport. As well as being a qualified transport manager he holds a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, has studied tourism management, and has a honours degree in Irish law.

Travel Writer Everett Potter, from a Vagabond tour with Larry, wrote in Forbes magazine: “Larry kept up an endless stream of history, folklore, jokes and observations, a finely tuned mix of entertainment, pedagogy and malarkey. He also had the Irish talent of doing it solely from memory and of knowing when silence was sufficient..” (Larry’s note: loosely translated, it just means Everett never noticed me cheat sheets!)

We hope these excerpts give you a grasp of our pledge to our customers, outlined in our philosophy of putting our heart and soul into helping you discover the heart and soul of Ireland.

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