Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?

We can hold your booking for five working days without a deposit. After that a booking deposit of 10% (per person) of your tour cost will secure your place(s) on the tour. Full payment is required 30 days before the tour commencement date (don’t worry, we’ll remind you). We also facilitate staged payments, if you wish to spread the cost of your tour over a number of months or weeks.

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What should I pack?

Now there’s a question and a half! We are firm believers in the method of laying out everything you think you need for the trip, the reducing it by at least 30%. Here are some pointers, but also check out our packing blog here:

  • Weather – even if coming in summer, bring layers. Waterproof jacket is a must, and a light fleece or bodywarmer for underneath. A casual shirt or tee makes a great base layer (synthetic is better than cotton). Skirt (or kilt for gents with Scots DNA) or a pair of those trousers (that’s what we call pants) that can be converted into shorts
  • Day and evening – Comfort is the key word here. Bring a sturdy (but light) pair of shoes for during the day. These may also suffice for the evening, but we do appreciate girls and their shoes…..
  • Personal items – sunscreen/creams, any medicines you require; a facecloth if you wish (they’re not too prolific in Irish hotels)
  • Charger and adapter (we use square 3pin 220v ), Passport (check that it’s in date well in advance). From most countries you don’t need a visa for holiday travel to Ireland. If you are in doubt, check here: https://www.irishimmigration.ie/
  • A sense of adventure and willingness to switch off and let us do the heavy thinking – most important:)
  • No need to bring your hairdryer – they’ll be provided at all the accommodations.

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Do I need travel insurance

As experienced travellers ourselves, we would always recommend you get appropriate travel insurance. We do not provide same and don’t feel comfortable recommending any specific provider, as the type of cover required is personal to you. Also check your credit card provider, as many of them include travel insurance with the card.

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What if I have to cancel?

Life happens and we appreciate that. We work hard with our accommodation partners to ensure that, in the event of a cancellation, there will be minimal impact on you. If you cancel up to thirty days before the tour, then you will receive a full refund less any administrative fees applied by the financial entities or other suppliers (such as hotels) that may have been paid a deposit by us. Anam Croí Tours will not charge any admin fee if you need to cancel.

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How do I pay for my tour?

There are two ways to pay:

  • By credit card. We have partnered with Flywire, who accept most credit card types. We invoice you via Flywire and you pay online.
  • By bank transfer (but this can be quite expensive, so make sure you check fees with your bank)
How much are the card charges?

Nothing from us to you. Anam Croí Ireland Tours absorbs the fees charged to us by our payment provider.

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Do you arrange flights?

We don’t, but there are so many direct flights to Dublin from the major airlines, it really is quite easy to get here. The experience we offer is fully guided, with a small group of like-minded travellers, comfortable accommodation and breakfast. And there’s plenty of good stuff included in the price. You can see what’s included at the end of each itinerary page:

Six Day Sojourn of the South West

Seven Day Northern Ireland and Best of the West

The Ultimate 12 Day All-Ireland Tour

Wellness Tour of Ireland

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Where and when do tours start and finish?

Our scheduled 6 Day Southwest Ireland, and 12 day Ultimate All-Ireland tours depart Monday mornings at 8.45am and our 7-day Northern Ireland and Best of the West at 8.45am Sundays. All leave from Dublin and return to the same point at the end of tour between 6pm and 7pm. The departure and arrival dates and locations can be customised for private tours. Reach out to us to find out more: enquiries@anamcroitours.com

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What is ‘Craic’?

Craic is truly uniquely Irish. As is ‘having the craic’. The question ‘What is craic?, is completely different from ‘What’s the craic?’, which is an Irish form of greeting. If you want us to fully explain Craic/Any Craic/Mighty Craic/No Craic and its many other forms, you’ll just have to come on tour with us.

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What about luggage?

Good question! Our St. Patrick’s Week, Southwest Ireland, Northern Ireland and Best of the West tours are only 6 and 7 days long. And, our 12 day Ultimate All-Ireland Tour will have laundry facilities. So there’s no need for behemoth cases – we ask no bigger than 30″ please. You should also bring a small backpack (not aircraft cabin size) to take onto the bus with you. You don’t need any formal wear for evenings. Ladies, you don’t need as many shoes as you think, and Gents – leave the hairdryers at home!

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What is your maximum group size?

We want you to tour in comfort. Even though our luxury Mercedes mini-coach seats 16, we only take a maximum of 14 guests on our 6 and 7 day boutique Ireland tours. On our 12 day Ultimate All-Ireland Tour, we reduce that to 12, to ensure optimum comfort. Private customised tours may have up of 16 persons.

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