It’s about the environment right?

Well…not totally actually. While environment is a very important element of sustainable tourism, it’s actually just one core pillar. To be truly sustainable, tourism must take account of its impact, not just on the environment, but also on economic and social aspects. It must be forward looking and consider the impact our actions (or inactions) will have on future generations. Larry has studied sustainability extensively, and has recently successfully obtained a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, following a course of study and exam with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Enabling Sustainable Ireland Vacations

From the very outset at Anam Croí Tours, we put sustainability at the top of our agenda. We engaged with like-minded partners such as Aisling at Treetop Studio for our brand design, The Factory for our business cards, the T-Shirt Company for our company clothing and Refill for our water bottles. We plan and operate our tours considering all stakeholders- the host communities in which we operate, the tourism industry, the environment and of course, you, our guest.

Anam Croí Ireland Tours is passionate about, and fully committed to, sustainable tourism in every aspect of its business

Minimising Visitor Impact on your Ireland Tour

Environmental: We minimise water usage by using alternative, waterless vehicle cleaning methods on tour and harvested rainwater at base. Each guest is given a BPA-free sustainably produced water bottle, removing the need to buy bottled water.

We work from home, and where possible and practical, avail of public transport when attending meetings (or going to the pub!). Anam Croí Ireland Tours is a member of Leave no Trace and follow the seven LNT principles whilst encouraging our valued customers to do likewise.

Off-setting Carbon Footprint Touring Ireland

We pledge to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and to offset all our CO2 emissions created by our tours. We’ve engaged in a tree planting programme with Self Help Africa. Our monthly donation will plant more than 600 trees per year – over 50 native Irish and 550 in Africa. We are currently offsetting more than we create and our goal is to keep it that way.

Sustainable Ireland Vacations

Want to do your bit? Fancy off-setting the carbon footprint from your return flight to Ireland? Why not have a look here (it’ll cost you less than you might have imagined): https://www.climatecare.org/calculator/

Supporting our Hosts while touring Ireland

Implementing best Sustainable Tourism Practices by supporting local hospitality economies, craftspersons and business communities

Economic: Whether it’s our 6 day Sojourn of South West Ireland, 7 day Northern Ireland and Best of the West or one of our super Private and Customized tours, we shop local! We only use locally owned accommodation and will also help facilitate you, our guests, to find local artisans should you wish to purchase crafts or mementoes of Ireland. This again helps the local economy.

Social: We take every opportunity to engage with the destinations we visit and communities who host us. This will help to ensure our presence doesn’t impinge on the community and destination. It also affords us insights and opportunities to positively contribute to a more sustainable biophysical and human environment

Anam Croi Tours ensure that its presence and that of its valued guests do not negatively impact on local communities and contribute to the areas and people that host us